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Outlook Express to Outlook Email Converter

In most businesses, using an email client rather than relying on web-based mail is standard. Although there are many email clients out there for handling your email accounts, the industry standard which dominates the market are the mail products made by Microsoft. One of the most versatile email clients and by far the most popular is Microsoft Outlook, a complete solution for handling all of your email accounts, including web-based accounts. Microsoft Outlook can be used for many tasks in addition to emailing. It can store thousands of contacts, help you to organize daily tasks and keep in touch with friends or clients easily and reliably.

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There is also a major problem when it comes to Microsoft Outlook, however. Included in Windows XP and older is the much less powerful Outlook Express, still used by tens of millions of people world-wide. The problem is that both Outlook Express and the far more sophisticated Microsoft Outlook both use different formats, making compatibility and versatility a problem in many situations. For example, if you upgrade to Windows 7, you will find that your old Outlook Express contacts and saved emails in the EML format will initially be inoperable when you start using Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Additionally, if you change over from Outlook Express to Outlook, you will not have your messages automatically transferred.

To remedy this commonly encountered problem, users will need an EML to PST converter. This will make all of the saved data accessible in Microsoft Outlook thus saving you a ton of problems. There are various Outlook Express to Outlook converters available today and they can help you with some of these compatibility problems. However, many of these programs come with some major limitations. For example, a lot of these conversion applications do not preserve the directory structure when you export the data. Additionally, attachments to emails may not be transferred during the process. There are also many other possible limitations including supported formats, file size limitations and encoding issues.

Fortunately, there is one solution which can alleviate this situation and make it possible to reliably migrate emails from EML to PST easily and with all features and data intact. The aptly named Outlook Express to Outlook Converter does exactly that, making it the ideal tool to convert files created by a wide variety of email applications, making them compatible with Microsoft Outlook. The software is particularly versatile as well as fast and flexible. It makes this solution a major time-saver since it allows you to simply forget about the large-scale migration problems which many businesses experience with this sort of thing. Instead, you can let this program do the hard work for you.

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Outlook Express to Outlook Converter also provides a number of advanced conversion options. EML files can be converted to the MSG format and vice versa. Both EML and MSG files can be converted into a wide variety of other email formats making them suitable for working with just about any other email client currently on the market.