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There is a major problem when it comes to Microsoft Outlook. Included in Windows XP and older is the much less powerful Outlook Express, still used by tens of millions of people world-wide. The problem is that both Outlook Express and the far more sophisticated Microsoft Outlook both use different formats, making compatibility and versatility a problem in many situations. For example, if you upgrade to Windows 7, you will find that your old Outlook Express contacts and saved emails in the EML format will initially be inoperable when you start using Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Additionally, if you change over from Outlook Express to Outlook, you will not have your messages automatically transferred.

To remedy this commonly encountered problem, users can buy this EML to PST converter. This will make saved data accessible in Microsoft Outlook thus saving you a ton of problems. There are various Outlook Express to Outlook converters available today and they can help you with some of these compatibility problems. However, many of these programs come with some major limitations. For example, a lot of these conversion applications do not preserve the directory structure when you export the data. Additionally, attachments to emails may not be transferred during the process. There are also many other possible limitations including supported formats, file size limitations and encoding issues.

EML to PST Converter License, updates and extended support
1 year 2 years 3 years Unlimited
Individual license for home users one license per user
* 25.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software 35.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software 45.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software 59.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software
Enterprise license for business users one license per staff member
* 49.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software * 59.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software * 79.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software * 99.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software
Site license for business users, up to 100 staff members
VAT Included Site License Download Warranty 495.99 Click here to purchase the license for our software

* Special price * Volume discounts apply where indicated. * Prices stated in USD.

What You Get for Your Money

This solution can alleviate this situation and make it possible to reliably migrate emails from EML to PST easily and with all features and data intact. The aptly named Outlook Express to Outlook Converter does exactly that, making it the ideal tool to convert files created by a wide variety of email applications, making them compatible with Microsoft Outlook. The software is particularly versatile as well as fast and flexible. It makes this solution a major time-saver since it allows you to simply forget about the large-scale migration problems which many businesses experience with this sort of thing. Instead, you can let this program do the hard work for you.

Try Before You Buy

Outlook Express to Outlook Converter is also available as a trial version, giving you the chance to try out the software before you put your money down. If you decide you want to purchase it, you can do so without having to reinstall the program. The trial version can be upgraded to the full version with just a few clicks.

Licenses Available

There are three different licenses available, including a non-commercial “Single-user License” for use on up to three home computers, a commercial “Enterprise License” for use in corporate environments on one computer and a “Site License,” an extended Enterprise License which can be used on up to 100 computers in your organization.


As soon as we have received your payment, you will receive the registration key in your email. You can use this key to upgrade the trial version to the full version.

Updates and Support

With a valid license, you can enjoy free technical support and updates for the software.

Refund Policy

Since Outlook Express to Outlook Converter is provided as a downloadable file, physical returns are not possible. Because of this, we require a signed waiver document in the event of a refund. We will, however, always try to identify and correct any problems that you have with the software before a refund can be carried out.